Slack Notification Plugin

The Slack Notification Plugin is a Joget Workflow plugin that automatically sends a message to the corresponding Slack Messaging user on new process tasks.

The message will appear in the user's Slackbot channel.

In contrast, the Slack Webhook Tool plugin is tied into the process workflow as a tool and you can push messages to any Slack #channels.

Upon importing this plugin, go to 'Web Console > Properties & Export > Set Plugin Default Properties' and add the Slack Notification Plugin.

This plugin was designed based on the Slack Incoming Webhook API. Do read it for instructions to obtain the 'Webhook URL' value from your Slack app.

View the images at right for illustration.


Steps To Import This Plugin

  1. Click "Download" on this plugin screen (It will be a .jar file).
  2. Go to your Joget Workflow localhost or server, in Joget Console navigate to "Admin Bar>Systems Settings>Manage Plugins" and click "Upload Plugins" button.
  3. In "Upload Plugin", select the plugin .jar file you just downloaded, then click "Upload".
  4. Depending on the plugin type, you can now view your new plugin in your form or datalist or userview.
  5. Remember to always uninstall the old plugin before uploading a new version.
  6. The Joget Workflow Knowledge Base has more information on managing and developing plugins.



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March 24, 2016
Joget, Inc.
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