by Justin Wee

The Tooltip Form Element plugin is a useful addition to the Joget form elements library.

The Tooltip Form Element adds an on-screen help text or tooltip in your Joget form.

You can also use the Tooltip Form Element to display a list of FAQ questions and the expanded portion displays the FAQ answer.

This element will not save or create a column into your database table.

The Tooltip Form Element has the following features:

  1. You can position the help text on the left (Label column) or on the right side (Input label as a non-breaking space character entity).
  2. You can toggle the animation on or off
  3. You can type in your topic text and decide the font color.
  4. You can toggle to display the arrow next to the topic.


Steps To Import This Plugin 

  1. Click "Download" on this plugin screen (It will be a .jar file).
  2. Go to your Joget Workflow localhost or server, in Joget Console navigate to "Admin Bar > Systems Settings > Manage Plugins" and click "Upload Plugins" button.
  3. In "Upload Plugin" screen, select the plugin .jar file you just downloaded, then click "Upload".
  4. Open your Joget Form Builder and drag this new plugin 'Tooltip' into your form and edit the properties accordingly.
  5. Remember to always uninstall the old plugin before uploading a new version.
  6. The Joget Workflow Knowledge Base has more information on managing and developing plugins.


Additional Plugin Information

February 20, 2017
Developer Info
Justin Wee
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Catherine Woo
Is it possible to have this plugin in Joget V6?
November 16, 2018
Eric Troebner
This is a really cool plugin and replaces all my custom html snippets. It is also much more compatible with popup forms, etc. One suggestion for improvement: In the title, I often use at the beginning which would be great to have as a checkbox option instead of having to use the code. Thanks!
March 19, 2017