by Joget, Inc.

This is a Queue Safely App that allows businesses to enable their customers to queue digitally and safely while they wait to be served. Through digital queuing, customers will feel much safer and are able to keep track of the queuing status without having to physically queue up in a line and be exposed or having to compromise their personal health safety.

With the Queue Safely App, no equipment such as queue ticket printers or special TV displays are needed. Customers will just need to scan a QR code to get on a queue digitally, and from their mobile devices, track the queue until his/her queue number is called to be served.

Summary of the App features:
  1. Allows customers to queue in a digital line.
  2. Safe and easy to queue by scanning a QR code with mobile devices to get on the digital queue.
  3. With a digital queue, customers will be able to manage their personal time better and at their convenience.
  4. Business owners with multiple branches or locations are able to set up queue lines for all these different locations.
  5. Businesses will also be able to set up multiple digital queue lines for a single location. 
  6. Each location or branch is able to maintain its own digital queue line. 
  7. All queue numbers can be reset daily or left as-is.


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July 21, 2021
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Joget, Inc.
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