HR Expenses Claim

This is an HR Expenses Claim app that will allow users to make expenses claims that goes through an approval cycle.

In this app, the Claimant can submit a New Expenses Claim. The claim will be routed to the Manager for approval followed by Finance. You will need to login before you can use the system.

Participants in this process:

  • cat (Claimant)
  • clark (Manager)
  • admin (Finance)

LOGIN with 'cat' to start the Expenses Claim Process.



  • The app was designed for Joget Workflow Enterprise Version 4+.



  • Updated on 13-Feb-2017.
    • Fix on database table name within 20 char for Oracle database compatibility.
    • Added 'Status' column to display in all datalist.
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Additional App Information
February 13, 2017
Joget, Inc.
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