by Joget, Inc.

As part of the DISINITM Fleet Management App Series, the DISINITM Driver Management App is an application that can be used standalone or in a composable application environment on the Joget DX platform. Enterprises will be able to use the application to manage their drivers and start the driver dispatching process.

Feature Highlights

  • Supervisors will be able to set reminder notifications for the drivers of upcoming dispatchment process.
  • Drivers will be able to check their calendars for scheduled dispatchments that have been assigned to them.
  • Drivers will be able to update and check their Dashboard for dispatchment tasks.
  • Supervisors will be able to keep track of all assigned dispatchment processes and follow up accordingly.


  • The DISINITM Driver Management App runs on Joget DX Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • And will ONLY work on Joget DX version 7.0.25 and above.


  • This is a protected app and it cannot be edited unless you purchase the license with full access to edit, integrate and customize, to extend the app existing features (DISINITM Driver Management App). To purchase, please send us an email.
  • Instead of directly installing the app from the App Center, you will need to download the app from the Joget Marketplace and import it into your Joget instance (localhost/cloud).


Additional App Information

May 31, 2022
Developer Info
Joget, Inc.
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