by Joget, Inc.

The Aggregate Datalist Binder plugin is a new datalist 'data source' binder to generate an aggregated report from your selected form.

There are five aggregate data functions you can select from the datalist designer column palette:

  • Average
  • Count
  • Maximum
  • Mininum
  • Sum

Non-aggregate column(s) selected in the datalist design is automatically set as "GROUP BY" in the database query.


  1. Filters are not supported if you use this datalist binder plugin.
  2. This datalist binder plugin is designed for MySQL database only.


Steps To Import This Plugin

  1. Click "Download" on this plugin screen (It will be a .jar file).
  2. Go to your Joget localhost or server, in Joget Console navigate to "Admin Bar>Systems Settings>Manage Plugins" and click "Upload Plugins" button.
  3. In "Upload Plugin", select the plugin .jar file you just downloaded, then click "Upload".
  4. Depending on the plugin type, you can now view your new plugin in your form or datalist or userview.
  5. Remember to always uninstall the old plugin before uploading a new version.
  6. The Joget Knowledge Base has more information on managing and developing plugins.


Additional Plugin Information

September 22, 2016
Developer Info
Joget, Inc.
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Ajeet Kumar
Nice, if possible to provide the latest one to support any database. including the inner ,outer, left , right join features, report generate by aging and also support filter options options.
January 6, 2022
Eric Troebner
Very helpful plugin! Maybe this should be part of the Joget Enterprise / Community version core?
September 22, 2016