by Joget, Inc.

Easily track the effectiveness of your classroom training with the Training Evaluation app on Joget.

Trainees will be able to fill up and submit an online questionnaire with their ratings and feedback.

Create unlimited number of training events and associate training evaluation feedbacks to each respective training event.

Edit sample feedback questions or add additional questions to the "Feedback Form" using the Form Builder.

Training evaluation results can be displayed in 10 different graphical chart types.


What's New

  • Jan 9, 2018: Updated app's SQL statements to be compatible with Microsoft SQL Server.


Follow the five steps below to start using the system

  1. Set up your organization's email SMTP (Note: Admin users will be notified via email on any new feedback submissions). 
  2. Create a new Training Event.
  3. Submit training feedbacks using the "Submit Feedback" link for the respective event.
  4. View the evaluation results and via graphical charts
  5. Zoom in to see a particular training event's feedbacks using the "Detail Feedbacks" link. This is an example of a sub-level userview menu feature of Joget Workflow.

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May 19, 2021
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