Tutorial App: Datalist

This is a tutorial app that showcases the many techniques of displaying records in a Datalist on Joget Workflow Enterprise Version 5.



Type Description
Grid Format Joget Workflow datalists can be displayed in a grid format using SQL (datasource) and CSS (userview).
With Sum Totals Display records with a sum total on the last row & formatting a record value (URL) into a hyperlink using MySQL query.
With Date Formatting Display records with various date display formatting.
List Joget Apps
Joget Workflow datalist can be configured to list all your published apps.
List Joget Users
Configure the datalist to display all your users in the Joget Workflow platform.


Introducing the Preset Form Data Tool plugin, an inbuilt process tool that this app uses to populate the database table to feed data to the example datalist. This process is automatically executed when you log into the app.



  • Dec 13, 2017: Fixed redirection back to user datalist on Save or Cancel.



  • The tutorial app was designed to work only in Joget Workflow Enterprise Version 5 or higher.
  • The tutorial app was designed to work with MySQL and some data queries are using MySQL SQL query syntaxes. If you are running another database such as MSSQL, you can modify the SQL commands accordingly.
  • This app is restricted to users with admin roles only.


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December 13, 2017
Joget, Inc.
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