Tutorial App: Customize Theme Colors

Do you wish you could change the v5 theme userview colors without writing a new userview theme plugin?

How about a feature where your Joget Workflow users can customize their favourite colors in the app?


This tutorial app illustrates three examples where you can customize the v5 userview theme colors:

  1. For all users (globally)
  2. For individual users, new theme colors take effect only for the user when he logs in to the app
  3. For individual users, where you can choose from four preset color sets



  • The tutorial app was designed for Joget Workflow Enterprise Version 5 with 'v5 Janux Theme' as the default userview theme. However, you can copy and adapt the example CSS script and Joget Workflow form for your app accordingly.



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May 15, 2017
Joget, Inc.
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