by Joget, Inc.

Now you can support your customers with the Service Help Desk app.

  1. This is a Service Help Desk App for anyone that needs to manage customer support using an issue ticketing system.
  2. Set up and allow your customers to log in and submit support incidents.
  3. Users with the correct permission will be notified via email when an issue is created and updated.
  4. The app allows administrators to customize or configure the settings (trackers, priority, status, projects, etc.) according to their needs.


What's New

  • 05-Nov-2020: Update app with the latest subform_repeater-7.0.1.jar plugin file.
  • 06-Aug-2021: Updated the Service Help Desk app to be compatible with Joget Cloud multi-tenant environment. All app settings (version, status, etc.) are now using forms data tables. SMTP configuration is removed and the app will reference the SMTP values from the General Settings page. If you have previously installed this app, you will need to re-input all the app settings.



  • This app was updated for Joget v6 and DX Professional/Enterprise. If you are using Joget v5, click here.
  • This app employs the following v6 features:
    • Using the latest v6 Universal Theme which is responsive and mobile ready.
    • Using the new enterprise JDBC Options Binder plugins.


Additional App Information

August 6, 2021
Developer Info
Joget, Inc.
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